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Ysgol Cefnllys

Learning today to shape tomorrow

Dysgu Heddiw Er Mwyn Llunio Yfory

Positive Playtimes

Many playground issues stem from children being bored and lacking the skills they need to make friends, cooperate, take turns and interact with each other.


Zoning is simply a way of dividing some of our playground into specific activity areas, making opportunities to help children channel their energies and use their time in imaginative and creative ways. This in turn helps us to make better use of our space and enables the playground to be shared more fairly, preventing bigger games like football from dominating.


We now have the following zones 


Craze of the Week Zone

Children love trying out and getting good at crazes old and new

Traditional Games Zone

We need to keep those traditional playground games alive and this is the perfect way to do just that!

Role Play Zone

Children love to pretend, to play act and engage in make believe.

Quiet Zone

a quiet place for children to play quiet games, to read or to just chill out with their friends

Ball Games Zone

Ball games encourage physical exercise and promote positive relationships between children.



Watch this space as our Zones are developed