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Ysgol Cefnllys

Learning today to shape tomorrow

Dysgu Heddiw Er Mwyn Llunio Yfory

Dosbarth Cangen/Year 1 - Mrs Shearman 2023 - 2024

Summer term. Our new topic is Take Action! The children have thought of lots of things that they would like to find out about and things that they would like to do... we nearly ran out of space for all of their ideas! 😊

We have found out what Fairtrade means and how it helps people. The children used their thumb prints to recreate the logo. ‘Thumbs up for fairtrade!’ 👍 We also looked at our thumb prints and noticed they are all different.

The children have created a class collage inspired by ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm ( Surprised!) by Henri Rousseau. 🐅

Meet our amazing Chinese dragon 🐉. The children named him Bob. 😊

We have been investigating what seeds need to grow. We have two variables- water and light. Which seeds do you think will germinate first?

We have been learning about camouflage - can you spot our butterflies? 🦋

The children programmed our Plop Bot to visit Plop’s friends from the story. 🦉✨

Our ‘Make and Do’ area is very popular. ☺️

One of our World Religion Day activities was to create a religious symbol collage. ☪️☸️🕉️✡️✝️

Our new topic is ‘Wonderful World’, the children have decided what they would like to find out. 😀

The children looked at lots of posters and made a list of all the things a good poster needs to have. -big writing - information -a picture - colourful - eye catching They made posters about being a good friend and used their criteria to evaluate their own and each others. Their posters were so impressive they have displayed them around our school to help everyone to be a good friend. 😊

We have been finding out what animals need to be healthy.

We enjoy using our interactive whiteboard.

We found out what pets our classmates had and used the data to create pictograms.

We love using our wild area. 🌳

Our new topic is 'Who Are We?'