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Ysgol Cefnllys

Learning today to shape tomorrow

Dysgu Heddiw Er Mwyn Llunio Yfory

Dosbarth Collen/Year 4/5 - Mrs Prince 2023 - 2024

We are Dosbarth Collen, a Year 4/5 class.

Summer Term

This term our whole school big idea is TAKE ACTION!

We began the term with thinking about what Take Action meant to us creating mind maps to show our thoughts.

Take Action Glossary

As part of our literacy work we have been looking at what a glossary is and how it can be used to help us understand certain subjects. We created our own glossaries for Take Action! We hope that these will help throughout the term.

Collaborative Planning

After some discussions and thinking about what Take Action meant to us we then worked collaboratively to plan out the things we would like to cover during this term.

Earth Day

We took part in a live lesson linked to The Eden Project, WWF and The Big Lunch. We learnt a lot about plants in the Rainforest, how deforestation is affecting our planet and what we can do to help. We got to solve some riddles and ask questions.

Following on from this we added some ideas to our collaborative planning.

We also created some Earth Day pledges and poems.

Spring Term

British Science Week

As part of British Science Week we decided to link our learning to our topic. We wanted to find out more about plants, how they grow and the environments/habitats they grow in. We began by doing some research and learning about the different parts of a flower, why each part is so important and the scientific names for them.

Spotlight Day on Wales and St. David's Day

We have had a Welsh themed few day this week. The class have been baking traditional and chocolate chip Welsh cakes, following the recipe and instructions as a team with only a little help needed from Miss Price.

They have also been creating their own adobe videos all about Wales. The DC skills that are being used to create these fantastic pieces of work are just amazing!

Practical Perimeter

We have spent many lessons counting, calculating lengths and understanding perimeter. This week we took our lesson around the school to draw, estimate and and measure the perimeter of places within our school grounds. There was great teamwork and some fantastic estimation and measuring skills shown. 

Being Persuasive!

The class have been working on some persuasive ideas to put to Miss S. in the hope that the whole school can have some of their playtimes together. They came up with some very well thought out arguments and used lots of persuasive devices. We hope we have done enough to persuade Miss S. to consider our proposal.

Here is some of the fantastic work that has been created this week.

Olie and Jamie-Leigh.mp4

Still image for this video

Noah and Caleb.mp4

Still image for this video

Safer Internet Day

Non-Chronological Reports

Created on an animal of their choice. We used post it notes to plan and research our reports and then produced our final drafts after editing and improving our work.

Some of the front covers that were created for our new topic.

Dosbarth Collen have discussed what goals they would like to set themselves in 2024. From this they had to narrow it down to one word they would like to be! They created these fantastic pieces of artwork using their own individual ideas. This has also fitted in very well with our discussions about Children's Mental Health Week and how important it is for them to feel good about themselves.

Welcome back to the Spring Term! Our whole school topic for this term is Our Wonderful World. Dosbarth Collen were keen to get started. We had lots of discussions about what areas we would like to include this term. They came up with some amazing ideas and we then decided to put them into 4 categories. Have a look at our collaborative planning and what we have thought about so far.

Autumn Term 2023

Collecting and Using Data - DC

We collected personal data from each member of our group and learnt how to input the data into a database. We used J2 Data on our HWB. From this we also created a table and a graph to show our data more clearly.

Local Visitors and Visits

This half term we wanted to concentrate on finding out about businesses and buildings that have been in our town for a long time. We wanted to find out the history and what they do for the community today.


John and Sue welcomed us to The Albert Hall. We got to sit in the auditorium where we found out there are 364 seats in total. We got to go up onto the stage and some of us performed! We also had a tour, backstage, through the dressing rooms, over the Rat Run, the Lesser Hall and we went up onto the balcony. We all got up on the stage to sing our school song.

We visited The Metropole Hotel and were shown around by Lauren and Sarah. Catherine and Sam also told us lots of information and interesting facts about the Hotel. The hotel was built 150 years ago and has had 3 names. It was first known as The Bridge Hotel, the owner Elizabeth Miles changed the name to The Metropole as a closing hotel was getting rid of all their cutlery and napkins which had the letter M on.

Lee from The Lake Boathouse and Llandrindod Community Events

Lee showed us some old photos of The Lake and the Boathouse. He talked to us about the events that they put on and all the activities that happen at The Lake. 

Jane from The Hive

Jane came in to talk to us about The Hive. The building was first used as a bank many years ago and was more recently used as a Burger Restaurant called Worth Your Salt. It is now The Hive where people can go to donate items of clothing, tools and all sorts of other useful items. They have a library of things that people can borrow and people can also go in and get clothes and shoes for free!

Digital Competence

We took part in a live lesson to create a postcard based on the theme of Remembrance. We used Adobe Express on Hwb and learnt how to use many different tools and techniques.

We were then able to transfer the skills we had learnt in our live lesson to create postcards for different places in Llandrindod.

Self Portraits

These are the progression photos of our self portraits.

Our first cold task, learning portrait techniques using lines and our final piece using watercolours.

Watercolour Portraits 

After practicing our drawing skills and experimenting with different colour mixing to get just the right skin tone we were ready to paint our final self portraits.

Inside Out Portraits

We made a great start to the new term by answering our whole school big question,

Who Are We?

We created these fantastic half and half portraits of what we look like on the outside and all the things that make us us on the inside.

After hearing the story, we decided to create our own LlandyGonks.

Our Lake Visit - The Launch Of The LlandyGonks!

We were invited to The Lake to hear an new story written by Davy T. It was based around The Lake of Llandrindod Wells and the main characters were the Llandygonks. We had some questions to answer as we walked around The Lake and also had to find where we were on the map. We were lucky enough to also be given an ice-cream of our choice from the very kind people of the Boathouse.

Getting To Know You & Team Building

For the first few days back after the Summer we spent time as a class getting to know everyone. These are just some of the team building activities we enjoyed.