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Ysgol Cefnllys

Learning today to shape tomorrow

Dysgu Heddiw Er Mwyn Llunio Yfory

Glasbren Reception - 2021-2022

Summer Term

So far this term we have enjoyed learning about things that grow in the garden. We have planted up our vegetable patch and have been learning about where our food comes from. We have also enjoyed learning about the Queen, and participating in Jubilee celebrations

Spring term

This term our topic is Spring. We have been observing our frogspawn and learning about life cycles. We have planted sunflowers and are learning what a plant needs to grow. We have also been working hard in Read Write Inc and learning about shape, money and adding one more in maths.

This week we have enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year.

Our first term in big school.

We have had a very busy Autumn term in big school. We have been getting to know each other and making friends. As part of our topic we have shared many wonderful stories. We have particularly enjoyed searching for the Gingerbread Man and exploring the Christmas story. Our grown ups are able to see all the activities we enjoy on our online learning journals recorded on Tapestry. Take a look at our pictures below to see how busy we have been.

Reception Class Sept 2021

We have been having great fun settling in to 'big school'.


Reception Sports Day 2021

Dosbarth Glasbren

Welcome to our class page. We have settled back in to school life brilliantly, and we have been so busy! We have enjoyed our stories topic, and have been learning all about Spring! We are busy little people, who love to be active and learn, we enjoy both our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Here are a few pictures to show you what we have been up to since our return to school. 

Welcome back February 2021

Hello everyone. Below is a short video to welcome you back to school.


Still image for this video
Please note that for the purpose of blended learning for our Reception and Year 1 children we have now created a combined blended learning page on the main menu under the 'Children' tab. From Monday 18th January all blended learning activities will be posted on that page, rather than on these individual class pages. 

Dosbarth Glasbren & Cangen  Blended learning January 2020

Please find daily activities below for home learning. Also remember there are 'Busy Feet', 'Cosmic Kids' yoga and Joe Wickes kids fitness videos available on You Tube if needed.

Reception and Year 1 have formed a bubble and will be sharing these learning tasks. There will also be a chance for a 'check in' meeting every day using 'Google Meet'. Don't forget to join our Google Classroom following the information on the e mail.

Welcome to our bubble.

Still image for this video

Friday 15th January 2021

Today our story is one of my favourites. πŸ˜ƒ The Smartest Giant in Town. Please click on the link below to listen to the story.



* Please follow the link emailed to you for your daily phonics lesson.

* The giant in the story was so kind to everyone he met and he loved the crown he received. I think he would write them a thank you letter or make them a thank you card. 
Write a thank you letter/ make a thank you card for all the animals from the giant. Or perhaps you’d like to thank somebody yourself- you could make a card/ write a letter to send to somebody. 


*The giant was very tall, I wonder if he was the tallest character in the story. Who is the tallest person in your house? Can you organise the people in your house into height order? Or perhaps you could use your teddies and sort them into height order instead. Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest? 

Afternoon activities 

Dress up as a giant! Can you borrow some of your grown up’s clothes? 
* Be kind like the giant. Do something kind for somebody to make them feel special. πŸ₯°





Thursday 14th January 2021

Today our story is Room on the Broom. Please click on the link below to listen to the story. πŸ™‚



*Follow the link emailed to you for your daily phonics lesson.
*Make up your own spell, what ingredients will you use? A scoop of mud? A pinch of moss? Learn your spell off by heart. You may like to write it down too. 


*For this activity you will need a few different size containers. You could use a cup, a bowl or perhaps a measuring jug. You might want to do this outside in the garden or maybe in the bath! 

Fill your smallest container with water ( you could also use rice, soil...) how many do you think it would take to fill one of the other containers? Make a prediction. Now full it up and count how many you need. Repeat with your other containers. Can you place you containers in order from the one with the least capacity to the one with the largest capacity. 

Afternoon Activities 

* Can you make a potion? This could be part of your maths work, language work or something completely different.

* Can you make a magic wand? You could find a stick in your daily walk and decorate it? Or build one out of Lego. I’d love to see some photos. 


Today our story is Zog. Please click on the link below to listen to the story.

Wednesday 13th January 2021




*Follow the link emailed to you for your daily phonics lesson.

*In the story Zog there are lots of rhyming words, listen to the story again and see how many rhyming pairs you can identify. You can pause the story as often as you need to.

*How many words can you think of that rhyme with Zog? Can you write them down? 


Zog learnt lots of lessons in school. Can you remember the order of what he learnt? What did he learn 1st? 2nd? Etc.


Afternoon activity

*Can you make a paper aeroplane? Decorate it so it looks like a dragon. πŸ‰ I’d love to see some photos on out google classroom. 




Tuesday 12th January 2021

Still image for this video
Today we’re going to listen to The Gruffalo. 😊

The Gruffalo


*Follow the link emailed to you for your daily phonics lesson.

*Think of all of the creatures the little mouse meets. What letter do they start with? Practise writing the letters. You could do this with pen and paper, in some flour or even outside in the mud.

* Your afternoon activity to is make a Gruffalo crumble! Can you write down the method of how you make it? Think about the bossy verbs you need to use e.g. mix, add, measure, bake.


*Draw a lovely long snake just like the one in the story, colour it in using a repeating pattern. Use two colours to start with - perhaps blue, red, blue, red. Draw another snakes- how many colours will you use this time? Perhaps three or four. Remember to check your repeating pattern as you go along. 🐍


Afternoon activity 

*Become a chef! In the story the mouse talks about eating Gruffalo Crumble and Owl ice cream! Your task is to make something based on the story. You might make some Gruffalo biscuits or some nut bars. Perhaps you will bake them in the kitchen with a grown up helper, or create something fantastic out of play dough. You might like to make a mud pie in your garden and decorate it with sticks for Gruffalo prickles. Be as inventive as you like and have lots of fun. I’d love to see some photos of your finished creations. 😊


Monday 11th January 2021

Still image for this video
Today our work is based on the book β€˜Super Worm!’ I hope you enjoy it. 😊

Super Worm.


*Please use the phonics link emailed to you.
*Super Worm was so useful! Can you make a list of all the things he was used for? Remember that when we write a list we put one item underneath the other and we put a comma after each one. I’d love to see your photos of your lists posted in our google classroom. 


*Today we are going to measure the length of some objects in your home. Imagine a sock (or something similar) is Super Worm. How many socks long is your bed? Remember to start at one end of your bed and keep measuring until you get to the other end. Can you measure something longer than your bed? Or shorter? How many socks long is the longest thing you have measured? πŸͺ± 


Afternoon activities

* Go outside and find a patch of grass in your garden or on your daily exercise route. Dance and march around on the grass- the worms will feel the vibrations you are making and come up to see what is happening. How many worms can you spot? Do they all look the same? 

* Imagine you are a worm underground. What do you think you might find? Perhaps some seeds, a lost toy or some treasure! Draw an underground picture and include all of the things you’d like to discover. Don’t forget to draw a worm! I’ll look forward to seeing some of your pictures in our google classroom. 😊



Friday 8th January 2021

Literacy - Please continue to access the daily Read Write Inc Phonics sessions posted on You Tube by Ruth Miskin. Its important that the children access these daily, as the letter focus will change in accordance with the scheme, which we would normally be following in school. For Reception children, you should be following the Set 1 sounds, with todays letter focus being 'd'.

The schedule is posted below if you would like to see which letter is posted on which day (posted at 9.30am and available for 24hrs). Children that know all of their letter sounds can access set 2, which looks at 'special friends', the letters that make a different sound when together.

Daily Phonics Schedule RWI You Tube

Here is today's speed sound video. The link below it should take you to the correct video each day.

Set 1 Speed Sounds - 'd' with Ruth

This film was first shown on 06.04.2020. Watch Ruth teach phonics lessons every weekday to help your child learn to read at home. The daily Set 1 Speed Sound...


Today we will think about 3d shapes. Take a look at the videos below and see how many 3d shapes you can find at home. I bet you can build some great models using 3d shapes too!

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)


3D Shapes Song for Kids | Learn about 3D shapes | Jack Hartmann

Five of the most common 3D shapes are the sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cube and cone. These 3D shapes are clearly shown, with examples of real-life 3D shapes.M...

3d shapes

Still image for this video


We hope you enjoy this Percy Parkeeper story about a big storm. We can't wait to see the houses you build for the poor animals who don't have a home after the storm.


Still image for this video

Thursday 7th January



Please see the links above for Daily Read Write Inc phonic session. Our class are all working on a Set 1 level.

You could also practise writing the letters of your name, and maybe your surname too! Remember your froggy fingers, and your letter formation rhymes which can be found further down the page.



Today we will revise 2d shape.


Still image for this video

Numberblocks - Learn 2D Shapes | Learn to Count | Wizz Learning


We hope you enjoy this story about a very snowy night.

One Snowy Night read by Mrs Blundell and Miss Dawn

Still image for this video

Daily Literacy Read Write Inc Phonics

The children have been doing so well with the Read Write Inc Letter sounds scheme. These will be taught by Ruth Miskins Read Write Inc team and posted on You Tube for blended learning. Please look at the daily videos and practise the letter sound and formation with your children.

Here is the link for Set 1 sounds daily phonics sessions on you tube.

Aso below you will find the daily schedule. We are currently working at a set 1 level.


Today we are thinking about number 5.

Take a look at the number videos below. Can you write it? Can you make it in different ways? Can you write down the different ways of making five using a number sentence? Can you find sets of five objects around your home?

I Can Say My Number Pairs 5 | Math Song for Kids | Number Bonds | Jack Hartmann

Numberblocks - The Number Five | Learn to Count


We hope you enjoy the story below about little hedgehog. We cant wait to see your pictures. Don't forget to upload photos to the Google classroom if you want to share them. Write your name on the back too.

One Snowy Night read by Mrs Blundell and Miss Dawn

Still image for this video

Dosbarth Glasbren Blended Learning December 2020
Friday 18th Dec
Hooray! Well done Dosbarth Glasbren on completing your first term in 'big school'. You have all done so well!

Miss Dawn and I would like to share 'The first christmas' as our final story with you this term. There's a little task go with it. Then in your pack you will also find some colour by number activities. There's lots of Christmas colouring sheets for you to do this afternoon too! Have a lovely Christmas, and we will see you all very soon! Stay safe and well 🌈🌈.

'The First Christmas' Read by Mrs Blundell

Still image for this video
Thursday 17th Dec
We hope you enjoy this story about Santa and all his letters. Well done for all of your hard work so far! 

'Santa's special letter' read by Mrs Blundell and Miss Dawn.

Still image for this video


Have a go at counting to 100 with Jack Hartman whilst you watch the video below! I know how much you love doing this in our classroom! We know a faster way of counting to 100 too. Join in with Mrs Blundell and Miss Dawn, when we count to 100 on the next video. 

Then have a go at the counting activities in your pack.

Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100 | Jack Hartmann

Teach your children to count to 100 as they get some great exercise too.This cool kid-friendly song starts out with a message about staying healthy and fit a...

Mrs Blundell & Miss Dawn counting warm up

Still image for this video

Craft session

Well done for today's work. In your pack you have a snowman spiral cutting activity for you to complete this afternoon! Have fun!

Wednesday 16th December


Today we will share the story of 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' you will find the cutting activity in your pack. 




The Jolly Christmas Postman. Read by Mrs Blundell & Miss Dawn.

Still image for this video


Today's numeracy activity is based on 2d shape. Watch the shape song video below, before having a go at the shape cutting activity in your pack.

Shapes for Kids | 2D Shapes | Shapes Song | Shape Up| Jack Hartmann

Shape Up is a great educational song for children learning about 2D shapes. In Shape Up, children see the different shapes and then draw the shape in the air...

PE/ Keeping active

We will continue our shape theme with a Busy Feet shape session with Mrs Power! Please join in with the video session posted below. If you enjoy this one you can find many more on their You Tube channel.

Session 3 Colours and Shapes

Our third session in our COLOURS and SHAPES theme with our COLOURS and SHAPES activity



Tuesday 15th Dec 2020



Please watch the video story below 'Dear Santa'. You will find a christmas bordered piece of paper in your pack to complete the task.

Dear Santa by Rod Campbell. Read by Mrs Blundell.

Still image for this video

Here are the Read Write Inc letter formation rhymes if you need them.


Please watch the number warm up videos below, then complete the 'number 4' worksheet in your pack.


Number warm up video and writing 4

Still image for this video

Craft activity

You will find a christmas tree cutting and sticking activity in your pack. Please stick on the baubles to decorate your tree, and colour it in! Enjoy and well done for today!

If you have any queries or concerns please email

September 2020 Dosbarth Glasbren
Welcome to our Reception class web page. Here we all are on our first full day in Dosbarth Glasbren!

Read Write Inc

Read Write Inc - our new phonics scheme.

 The children are really enjoying our new phonics scheme Read Write Inc. This week the children will have brought home a booklet with the first 15 set 1 sounds we have learnt over the last three weeks. They will bring 5 more sounds each week for the next three weeks.

  Please practise with your child, and use the rhymes to encourage letter formation. You may practise letters on big paper if this is easier than the smaller sheets.

  Please look at the Ruth Miskin website or Oxford Owl website for more information on this scheme. Alternatively follow this link

    Home reading - Ruth Miskin Phonics Training.    

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.


A few useful reminders for after half term!

* PE will be on a Tuesday. Can the children please come to school wearing PE kit that is suitable for outdoor activities.

* We will be starting 'Welly Wednesdays' after half term. We would like the children to come to school every Wednesday dressed for outdoor play in our Wild Area. Wellies and a waterproof coat will be essential. We plan to go up the wild area as early as possible, and will try to spend most of the day up there.

* We will also be using the wild area throughout the week, it would be great if children could have a pair of wellies to be left in school.

*Please could all children have a spare set of clothes in their bags on their pegs, just in case they need changing.

* We are still having a lot of children in laces. Please could we advise against these, as even the laced shoes with side zips are coming undone and need doing up throughout the day.

Thankyou for your continued support.


October 2020

We are so proud of how well the children have settled into the routines of 'Big School'. We have seen some great friendships develop, lovely sharing and good listening. We are enjoying getting to know the children, and we have all really enjoyed our topic of 'Will you read me a story?' . This half term we have looked at 'Rainbow Fish', and 'The Little Red Hen'. We have also enjoyed outdoor learning in our lovely wild area. Below are a few photos to show you what we have been up to!

We have been busy bees!

A year in review - 2020 The Year of Lockdown.

Well Done Dosbarth Glasbren!

We have some lovely memories of our time in Dosbarth Glasbren!

Mrs Blundell, Miss Wilke and Dawn have loved having you in our class, and look forward to seeing you have fun in Year 1!

You did a great job of prediciting that Miss Wilke's baby would be a girl! Hello Baby Maggie.

We have been so busy during our time in school, and it has been lovely seeing each and everyone of you grow and develop in so many ways.

In September you will join Mrs Shearman's class in Year 1. Mrs Burgoyne will be your teaching assistant. We will still see you lots, and we know that you are going to have lots of fun!

Mrs Shearman and Mrs Burgoyne can't wait for you to join them!

Below are some activities to help you think about Year 1, and what you are looking forward to. Have a go at home, and we will have a go if you are in school also. There are also some colouring pages, and maybe you could draw a picture of your new teachers!

From all the staff in Dosbarth Glasbren, we wish you a lovely summer break, stay safe, have fun, and we look forward to waving to you in September!! 

Week 11 Home Learning Plan 13.7.20
Week 11 Resources.
Week 10 Home Learning Plan 6.7.20
Week 10 Resources
Home Learning Plan Week 9 29.6.20
Resources Week 9 29.6.20
Home Learning Week 8 22.6.20
Week 8 Resources - Time 22.6.20
Week 7 Home Learning Plan 15.6.20 Shiny and Sparkly
Week 7 Printable Resources - Shiny and Sparkly

Week 6 Home Learning 8.6.20


Hi everyone, over the last couple of weeks I have been observing a caterpillar cup that we would usually have looked at in school. The cup arrived through the post with 5 very tiny caterpillars that had hatched out of eggs. The pictures below show how these caterpillars changed into Painted Lady butterflies. This process is called metamorphosis! The adult butterfly then goes on to lay more eggs, and the whole process happens again, which is called The Butterfly lifecycle. We have talked about this when reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Our learning tasks this week are a mixture of phonics work, lifecycles, 2d shape and length. I hope you enjoy them ,and I look forward to hearing from you!


From tiny egg to beautiful butterfly!

Week 6 8.6.20 Planning

Week 6 printable resources.
Week 6 busy pics!
Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe and well. Thanks for staying in touch, I love seeing your pictures and reading your messages. Below is the learning plan of ideas for week 5 home learning. Don't forget Giglets also has some books and tasks, and there are lots more resources if you scroll down the page. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Don't forget to let me know how you are getting on at Stay safe, see you soon.
Week 5 Home Learning Plan 1.6.20 Places
Week 5 Home Learning Resources   Scroll down further for previous resources including sounds mats and letter formation rhymes.
Week 4 Busy Pics!! Have a lovely half term break everyone!!
Home Learning Plan Week 4  (18.5.20) Food Glorious Food
Home Learning Resources Week 4 (18.5.20)
Week 3 Busy Pictures! Fantastic work on The Gingerbread Man, and The Three Little Pigs.
Home Learning Plan  Week 3  11.5.20 Brilliant Books!

Home Learning Week 3 Resources (Brilliant Books).


Don't forget letter formation and learning support resources are further down the page from previous weeks. Giglets also has new books added with tasks to support this learning.

Home Learning Week 2 Busy Pics
Well done, another busy week of home learning! I love seeing your pictures and all your happy faces. Keep practising those 2d and 3d shape names whenever you can! I have seen some great chick pictures and lifecycles too. Keep up the good work Dosbarth Glasbren.
Home Learning Week 2

Home Learning plan week 2 for week starting Mon 4.5.20

Thanks for your busy pics! Home learning activities week 1.

Thanks for all your lovely pictures! I can see you've all been so busy with the Week 1 home learning plan! Da iawn pawb!

Weekly Home Learning Plan (Week beginning 27.4.20)

Below is a weekly plan for learning activities at home. There are 15 activities, based around three per day. However, it is up to you how much or how little you do with your children. Feel free to pick and choose the activities that work for you. Underneath the plan you will find resources to help with these activities. If you scroll on down the page, there is more general information about home learning also.

Resources to support weekly learning

(Weekly plan to accompany these will be uploaded by Friday)

Letter Formation Rhymes

Letter formation rhymes

Phase 2 and 3 sound mats for writing.

Reception Egg Toss. A fantastic video put together by our Reception parents whilst on lockdown!

This is "Reception Egg Toss" by Ali on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Thank you to Aura's mum for this lovely picture. Click the link at the bottom to print your own copy to colour.

Exciting news!
We have had some exciting new arrivals in the Blundell household, after Miss Wilke kindly gave us some eggs and lent us an incubator! We have waited 22 days, and were lucky enough to record one hatching! The video is below. In total we have three baby chicks and I thought that Dosbarth Glasbren would love to see them! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Chicken egg hatching

Still image for this video

Chick pictures, one day old.

Chicken lifecycle sheets (For use with week 2 planning)

Positivity colouring sheets

Ideas for time at home

It's really important that children keep blending their sounds to read words, any reading books are fine, they don't have to be school ones. The website 'Phonics Play' is great for blending games. Their free code was 'March20' password 'home'. Another couple of good reading sites are offering free trials if this is something you are interested in using. Take a look at 'Reading Eggs' and also 'Rising Stars', which is the website linked to our school reading scheme.

 As a school, we use an online reading resource called Giglets. Our reception children have experienced this as a whole class activity. They love to listen to, join in with and talk about the stories they have heard. There are a variety of books available for them to listen to, with music and animations. You will have received a text message with your child's log in details, you can log in at There are a few books allocated to look at, and these will change regularly. We hope you enjoy, please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any queries or concerns.

Some other useful ideas for general learning

  Drawing and writing will keep those froggy fingers strong! Please remind your child about a correct pencil grip when mark making. Most of the children still need to practise writing their names, with correct letter formation. Writing surnames is a great activity too. Letter formation booklets are available to print from the Twinkl website. Please see the formation rhymes below that we use with the children to encourage correct formation, with  most letters starting from the top.


 Lots of counting is also great, and recalling one more and one less of a given number. We had been looking at coins and 2d and 3d shapes. Any sort of number formation is also beneficial. Again, there are formation activities available on Twinkl. Topmarks website is also good for fun number games.


  Keep having fun, being creative and stay healthy! Below is some information about daily resources online. My email contact is if you need any further guidance.

  Our topic after Easter would have been 'Why does a ladybird have spots?'. We would have been learning all about different minibeasts, and their habitats. It's also really fun to look at lifecycles of caterpillars and frogs. Below are some resources we would have used for our topic. Please feel free to use them at home, but you dont have to. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you may be able to build a bug hotel to observe. The Twinkl website has loads of printable activities if you search 'minibeasts', and much of their content is now free.
Here is a link for Busy Feet at Home sessions on you tube. 11am every Mon, Wed Fri. A great way to have fun, learn and keep active!!



As a school we use a Thrive approach to develop Social and Emotional wellbeing. Here are some great weekly plans to support a variety of play activities.

Well done Dosbarth Glasbren, we've had a shout out from the Welsh Air Ambulance!
Last term, as part of our topic on Transport, we were excited to learn all about the work of the Welsh Air Ambulance. We mad a thankyou card and donated money raised through non-uniform days. We were so excited to see the WAA shared a picture of our card, and sent out their thanks from their Facebook page.


Dosbarth Glasbren (Reception)

Welcome to our Reception Class page. We had a very busy Autumn Term settling in our new children, and are enjoying the new spring term. Our topic for the first half of this term is 'Are we there yet?'. We will be finding out about different types of transport, collecting data on ways we travel to school, and enjoying a 'Bring your wheels to school' day. We will also be exploring celebrations and traditions associated with Chinese New Year. We hope to keep you updated with pictures of the children enjoying these activities. 

Wild Area fun

We have had great fun in our wild area , throughout Autumn. Look at our fantastic work on ' The leaf man'. Not every classroom has four walls! 

Creative fun!

We loved exploring fireworks through craft, music and movement!

Space topic

We have learnt all about the planets , and have enjoyed our space station role play area.

Here we all are enjoying some yoga with Georgie.