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Ysgol Cefnllys

Learning today to shape tomorrow

Dysgu Heddiw Er Mwyn Llunio Yfory

Helygen Year 5 - Mrs Smith 2020-2021

Week 6 and 7 - May 17th - 28th


For the last two weeks, we have been learning all about global warming. We have found out what it is and how it is caused, how it affects animals, people and the world and also what we, as humans, can do to try and help fight climate change.


We have carried out class discussions, researched using the internet and watched the David Attenborough documentary 'A Life on Our Planet' which was a real eye opener and quite shocking to see how much the world is changing.


Then, we planned and wrote persuasive letters about global warming (which have been sent home and emailed out to other classes) and also created a class advert. Pupils stated whether they wanted to speak or not in the advert and then carried out their own research in small groups. They then practised reading their lines and were videoed reading aloud. Some children created posters instead and some did voice overs for the advert. Two of our pupils then used iMovie on the iPads to create the advert, adding music. We have attached it here for you to see - we hope you enjoy it!

Our Global Warming Video!

Still image for this video
We have worked so hard on this video and really enjoyed watching it in the hall on the new big screen! Children from two other classes also came to watch it and were very impressed! We hope you enjoy it too.

Our Persuasive Letters

Other work this week


This week, we have also written our first ever 'black out poetry.'  This is a different way of writing poems. Instead of thinking of their own examples of language and poetic devices, the children had to read through a piece of writing and find words they liked to create a poem. It was trickier than it sounds but some fantastic poetry was produced and illustrated. 


We have also been focusing on fractions and percentages in our maths work, working out fractions and percentages of amounts using our times tables knowledge. 


In P.E, we have started playing games of rounders after leading up to it this term with throwing, catching and batting skills. 

Here are photos of our work this week!

Week 5 - May 10th - 17th


This week, we have been learning more about the Titanic and the different classes of accommodation whilst travelling on the ship. We watched short clips from the Titanic film and made notes on the interior of 1st class and 3rd class rooms and lounge areas. We also researched the different clothing worn by each class of passengers, the range of food that was eaten and the entertainment/ facilities they would have had. 


Once we had researched enough, we wrote diary extracts from either the perspective of a 1st class passenger or a 3rd class passenger. Overall, I was so impressed with the writing produced by Dosbarth Helygen! They managed to include a huge amount of detail about life on board the ship and used their research and knowledge so well. Lately, we have been focusing a lot on improving our sentence structure and use of vocabulary and I noticed lots of pupils who took note of this whilst writing this week. 


In our maths work this week, we have focused on coordinates including : reading and plotting points across 4 quadrants, translating shapes across quadrants and we ended with a game of battleships which everyone seemed to enjoy! 


In one of our afternoon topic sessions, we worked in teams to begin making our Titanic models using cardboard that has kindly been brought in from home! They worked so well in their teams and the models are already taking great shape!


Watch this space for more updates on how they are looking! 

Here is some of our work from this week :

Week 4 - May 3rd - 7th


In Week 4, we had a science based week where we planned and carried out an investigation entitled, 'Why do Penguins Huddle to Keep Warm?' 


First the children researched about penguins huddling. Then they planned the investigation which involved measuring the temperature of boiling water put into 2 test tubes - one single test tube (to represent a single penguin) and one test tube surrounded by 7 other test tubes (to represent the huddled penguin). 


The pupils wrote detailed predictions about which test tube would stay the warmest for the longest amount of time, linking their ideas to their research, before recording the results using a data logger.


Once the pupils gathered the results, they discovered that the huddled test tube was significantly warmer than the single test tube, even after 30 minutes. They then presented their results in a line graph and wrote about their findings. 


Some fantastic work from Dosbarth Helygen! I was so impressed, I wrote about them in the 'Golden Book' which was shared and celebrated during our whole school assembly! 😊

Here are some photos of the investigation and the work produced:

Week 3 - April 26th - 30th


This week, we have been learning all about the Titanic.


After finding out lots of information about the sinking of the Titanic, we created time lines of the key events and then planned and wrote newspaper reports. Whilst writing, we used thesauruses to ensure our vocabulary choices were exciting and formal. 


We wrote our reports on coffee stained paper and even crumpled/ripped the paper to make them look old! 


Some excellent work! 

Our Titanic Work

Week 2 - April 19th - 23rd


This week, we have been learning about polar animals from the Arctic and Antarctic. We each chose one animal to research and presented our facts as a two page report in our topic books. They are so informative and also look eye catching! 


Also, we had a go at drawing a portrait of a polar animals using pencils by copying half of a photograph. We used rulers to measure the features of the animals and tried to create our drawings as accurately as we could.


Some fantastic work produced this week and a great start to our topic. 

Look at what we've been up to this week!

Summer Term 2021

Welcome back, Dosbarth Helygen! 

This term, our topic is Frozen Kingdoms! So far, the children have been excited to share their ideas so we can complete shared planning to ensure we include all of their fabulous suggestions!

Here is our Frozen Kingdoms Topic Web:

Engagement Task

Ice Cube Investigation!


We have launched into this topic with an ice cube investigation! In pairs, the children had a tray containing four ice cubes, some salt and some sugar. They chose to sprinkle a tea spoon of sugar on one ice cube, a teaspoon of salt on another, handle one ice cube (before returning to the tray) and leave the last ice cube in the tray untouched.


Lots of scientific predictions were made. Some children thought the handled ice cube would melt first because of body heat, whilst others thought the salted one would melt first because they made links to icy roads being salted during the Winter months.  Pupils also predicted the length of time it would take for the ice cubes to melt. Most thought about 6 minutes!


Then, they watched to see which ice cube melted first! The winner was the salted ice cube! However, different to predictions, it took around 45 minutes to melt!



Here are some photos:

Here is a write up example:

The topic this week is India - the children have submitted some fantastic pieces of work, ranging from Rangoli patterns to persuasive brochures. 



This week, we have been learning about rainforests. The work produced has been fantastic! Here is some of it!

Here is some more of our fantastic work this week!

Blended Learning 2021

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!  

Unfortunately, 2021 hasn't started the way we were hoping it would and we are now using Google Classroom and Google Meet to carry

out our learning. However, I am SO impressed with how well everyone is doing and with the positive, respectful attitudes we are seeing during online sessions. You are all becoming increasingly confident in using the 'hands up' button to contribute to the inputs which is so lovely to see. The work you are producing is fantastic too! In fact, we are so proud of it, we wanted to share some examples on our class page. Keep tuned as we will update this page regularly to show off some of the amazing work we have been receiving! :)

Here is a video of a science experiment carried out by a Year 5 child:

Still image for this video

Our Class WW2 Air Raid!

Still image for this video
We carried out our own class WW2 Air Raid using the gas masks that we made. We hid under the desks when the siren was heard and put our masks over our faces.
After we finished, we talked about how we felt. Some of us said we. could really imagine how scary it would have been for children during the war. We then wrote poems inspired by our experience!

Our Fantastic Work!


This term, we have loved learning about World War 2! We have produced some amazing work including:


Oil pastel pictures inspired by The Blitz,

WW2 soldier portraits,

Evacuee letters on tea stained paper,

Poems inspired by our own class air raid, 

Diary extracts from soldiers in the trenches,

​​​​​​Model gas masks, 

A science investigation to see which material best blocks out light, 

Propaganda posters, 

Morse codes

And so much more! We have been so busy! 

Here is some of our fantastic work this term!

A Child's War

For the second half of the Autumn term, our topic will be 'A Child's War' which will focus on World War Two. We will be learning about what life was like for children living during the war time. We are really excited about this topic and have already discussed as a class what we would like to learn about! Take a look at our topic web to see some of the fantastic ideas!

A Child's War Topic Web

Our Solar System


During our 'Stargazers' topic, we made our own 3D solar system. The process was long but we got there in the end and the children really enjoyed making it!

Our Solar System

Dosbarth Helygen

Hello and welcome to Year 5! I am Mrs Smith and I will be your teacher this year. The teaching assistants will be Mrs Palmer and Mrs Stephens.

We are so glad to have you all back with us after a strange end to your last year in school. It will be lovely to catch up and hear all about your summer holidays!


Our topic for the first autumn half term is 'Stargazers' which will focus on space. Linking to the new curriculum, we will plan our activities with all of your ideas so get thinking of what you'd like to do! We are really looking forward to it!


This week in Year 5, we had an unexpected visitor (Alvin the Alien) who left quite a mess outside our classroom!! He also left some photographs and a letter asking the children to write a newspaper report about his visit. They have all done a fantastic job writing their reports and we are all excited to see which report gets the prize! 

Unexpected Visitor!

Hockey Skills