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Ysgol Cefnllys

Learning today to shape tomorrow

Dysgu Heddiw Er Mwyn Llunio Yfory

Dosbarth Ffawydden/Collen Year 3/4 and Year 4

Well here it is, the final week of home school learning before you can properly start your Summer. 

We hope you have all enjoyed the tasks we have set for you and we look forward to seeing you all again in September!

Have a great break everyone!! smiley

Week 11!

The penultimate week before the Summer holidays are finally here!

We hope you are all still keeping well and if we haven't seen you in school yet, we look forward to welcoming you back in September.

In the meantime enjoy your weekend and next weeks activities, all about Wonderful Wales!! smiley

We're into double digits folks! Here is week 10 of planning for home learning!!

We really are hoping for great weather this week so we can get out and enjoy as many sporty activities as we can, both at home and in school.

Here's to a fantastic, Week 10 and another great week of learning while we are staying as safe as we cansmiley

Week 9!

You may notice this weeks planning looks a little different, with just 4 days of activities.

This is because some of you will now be coming back to school for one day a week and so will access the activities we have planned there.

If you are not coming back to school and your feel that you would still like a 5th day of activities, then remember you can access, My Maths, Gigglets, Hwb activities, and many Wellbeing activities that Mrs C-J has put on our school website. 

For those of you that are returning next week, we look forward to seeing you. If you are not, stay safe and remember you can still keep in touch with us in our Google Classroom! smiley 

Week 8 is nearly here! So I thought I'd give you a sneaky peak into our next topic, TIME!

But before you start more work, we'd like you to enjoy your weekend first!

It wont be long before we are welcoming some of you back to school, but don't worry you will still find your weekly planning for each topic on here and in your Google classroom until the summer. 

Have a great weekend all. smiley

Week 7!!! Where is the time going? Well this week it's all about SHINY and SPARKLY. We have tried to think of lots of interesting activities for you to do, but I know you wonderful lot always have some fabulous ideas of your own. 

We can't wait to see what super, shiny and sparkly work you submit to us next week. 

Stay safe and happy! laugh

Week 6 - Incredible Inventions!


We hope you are all still staying safe and well.

Here are your activities for the next week.

We look forward to seeing what wonderful creations you all come upwith this week! Have fun, keep staying safe! 

Wk 5 - Place

Hello to you all. We hope you are enjoying your week off, (what would have been half term). The weather has been amazing and we hope you have managed to get outside and enjoy the beatiful sunshine in whatever way you can. 

Next week would have been the start of our final topic "Road Trip USA" so we have loosely linked this weeks home learning to that, however feel free to use any other country or place that interests you!

Keep up the fantastic work you are all doing, we are so proud of you all and really look forward to seeing what you are doing at home.

Remember you can still use Giglets to help with your reading, My Maths and activities on J2E on Hwb. There is also a link to some Welsh activities on the planning grid.

Enjoy the rest of your "week off" and we will be in touch again next week! smiley

Wk.4 - Food Glorious Food!

Well here it is, week 4! We really hope you enjoy all the activities we have set you this week. But there are so many lovely food activities, please feel free to explore other options. As always you can continue to use My Maths and Giglets, there are also Spelling blast and Times Tables blast on HWB for you to keep practicing. Have a great week! smiley

Wk.3 - Home Learning Ideas and Activities - Brilliant Books

We hope are all staying well. Here are some more activities to keep your brains active! Please remember to upload the work you have completed, to our Google classroom, so we can see/hear it.

Remember you can still use My Maths and Giglets as part of your home learning and we have added an extra link this week for some Welsh learning ideas. Stay safe everyone. smiley

Wk.2 - Home Learning Ideas and Activities - Animal Kingdom

We hope you have all enjoyed some of the activities from Week 1. We have loved seeing some of the work you have submitted to us on Google Classrooms. Well done to you all! We are looking forward to seeing more great work next week!

Remember you can still use My Maths and Giglets as part of your home learning and we have added an extra link this week for some Welsh learning ideas. Stay safe everyone. smiley

Wk.1 - Home Learning Ideas and Activities - My World

Remember you can still log in to your My Maths, Giglets and Hwb accounts for other activties. smiley