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Ysgol Cefnllys

Learning today to shape tomorrow

Dysgu Heddiw Er Mwyn Llunio Yfory

Derwen Year 6 - Miss Powell and Mrs Samuel

Summer Term 2 - 7th June - 16th July 2021 - Topic Champion


What a busy final half term! We started our half-term interviewing Welsh international rugby player Dan Lydiate on Microsoft TEAMS. This was a fantastic memorable experience to start the new topic 'Champion'.

Interviewing Dan Lydiate...

This led to us having our own rugby sessions with Ysgol Calon Cymru Hub Officer Wayne Morris. We enjoyed two sessions and improved our throwing, catching and tag rugby skills. 

Rugby sessions in school...

Later in the term, we also interviewed local athlete Tom Marshall. We learned a lot about his running career.

For P.E. we were pleased to be able to get back to Freedom Leisure and enjoy six sessions in the swimming pool.

In Language, Literacy and Communication we explored the features of biographies. We then researched our favourite athletes and completed some fantastic double-page spreads on our favourite athletes.

We also planned our Year 6 leavers' party and wrote persuasive letters to Ms.Jenkins to ask for a chip shop tea, our own playlist and party games!

In Science and Technology, we were lucky enough to have Miss Price, a high school Biology PGCE student, with us for two weeks. She helped us plan and investigate our full science investigation 'Does having longer legs make you run faster?' 


We started by instructing Miss Price to make a cup of tea, to help us understand the importance of writing a clear method...

We also practised the best ways of running fast!

We had to measure our leg lengths...

We wrote our aim, prediction, equipment list and method. We displayed our results in a table and a graph and wrote a conclusion using our findings. 

In Maths and Numeracy, we also covered simplifying fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators, multiplying and dividing fractions, drawing regular and irregular 2D shapes using given dimensions and angles and probability!


We also continued with our Big Maths programme and two of our learners' succeeded in reaching Clic 20 (the final Clic) before high school! Da iawn both!

Our two 'clic 20' learners!

We also held our Sports Day, focussing on traditional races. Although, we did include a very funny dressing up race for those children who chose to take part...

On behalf of the Welsh Bowls Association, we were invited to participate in Junior Bowls. We enjoyed three sessions at Llandrindod Wells Outdoor Bowling Club, in the Rock Park.

PC Viv came and spoke to us about Drug Awareness.

To finish our topic, we had a wonderful trip to the lake in Llandrindod where we went on Kayaks, Rafts and Dragon Boats!

Ms Jenkins' held a leaver's party for us!


Summer Term 2 - New Topic - Champion


It's your final half-term in Ysgol Cefnllys year 6! We have so much to fit in to your last six weeks. We have completed our shared planning for 'Champion' and you have given us so many great ideas (see below for a few of the completed shared planning sheets).


We are hoping to fit in a visitor, rugby sessions, outdoor bowling, a sports day and swimming! We would also like to plan a local trip for you to celebrate your final days in primary school with your teachers and class, as well as recording a leavers video to upload to your Google Classroom!


We have already received a couple of collages and a food diary (homework) and we will put more up as they are uploaded.


Enjoy your final few days of half term, see you on Tuesday.


Mrs Samuel and Miss Powell



Shared planning for 'Champion'

Half Term Homework - Famous Athletes Collage

Click on the documents to open up more collages...

Food diaries...

Summer Term 1 - Week 7 - Frozen Kingdom


For our final week we focused on instruction writing in Language, Literacy and Communication. The children explored the features and annotated examples before going on to create a set of instructions for other classes on 'How to create a Blackout Poem'. The children then self-marked using their editing pens. Some of the children (who had finished earlier) then typed up their instructions on the computers and laptops.


In our afternoon topic sessions, the children explored how climate change is affecting the polar regions and created a digital poster to inform others.


We also did our shared planning for our new topic 'Champion' and we have already started planning using their fabulous suggestions (see the new topic post for shared planning photos).


In mathematics and numeracy, we looked at factors, prime numbers, composite numbers and becoming confident in finding the mean, median, mode and range of a set of numbers.


In P.E. we put all our ball skills into practise in a couple of games of rounders. It is lovely to see how much they have improved over the term.


Half-term homework focuses on our new topic 'Champion' and the children have been asked to create a collage of their favourite athletes and a food diary. We have also set MyMaths homework. 


Overall, a fantastic half-term and we look forward to welcoming you back for your final half-term on Tuesday 8th June 2021!

Exploring the features of instruction writing

How to create a Blackout Poem

Climate Change


Summer Term 1 - Week 6 - Frozen Kingdom


On Monday, the children began writing their diary extracts from the perspective of a passenger on the RMS Titanic. Using their knowledge and research, the children chose whether they were a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class passenger. I was really impressed with their writing and how the children are becoming more independent with editing their own work, against the success criteria they come up with themselves. On Tuesday, they then copied out their edited diary extracts on tea-stained paper, to make it look old and authentic. Take a look at some of the examples below. 


For the rest of the week, in Language, Literacy and Communication, we explored Blackout Poetry. This was a new concept for the children and some found the idea of creating poetry from a text, rather than coming up with the words themselves, quite challenging. We did a practise text and then a topic based poem using an extract from 'My Story: Titanic: An Edwardian Girl's Diary, 1912' with some fabulous results!


In our afternoon topic sessions, the children began researching the Inuit way of life and some of their cultural and artistic traditions. We watched videos and the children explored examples of Inuit artists creating digital montages of work by significant Inuit artists such as Jessie Oonark and Karoo Ashevak. As a class we then shared what we had found describing the images, style and subject matter. Using their observations, the children created Inuit prints exploring organic shape and line. 


We looked at videos of Inuit Soapstone Sculptures and the children explored the style and characteristics. We looked closely at the technique and the children made sketches and templates before carving their own soap sculptures. Some of them are pictured below! It wasn't easy and I was very impressed by their creativity and perseverance.


In mathematics and numeracy, we started the week finding percentages of amounts and then percentages of amounts of money. The children enjoyed our practical lesson on Wednesday, working in groups and using paper straws to visualise and identify patterns, recording their results in a table. Thursday, the children used their knowledge of BODMAS to solve problems involving the four operations and we extended this on Friday, as they used trial and improvement to solve equations involving one or two unknowns.


In P.E. we were rained off the field where we have been practising our throwing, catching and batting skills. We used our time in the hall to refine our throwing and catching and put it into practice in a game of bench-ball.

Titanic Diary Extracts

Blackout Poetry

Inuit artist research and montages

Inuit Prints

Soap Carving...

...some of the finished carvings!

Practical maths

Ball skills

Summer Term 1 - Week 5 - Frozen Kingdom


On Monday, we finished our model of the RMS Titanic and it is now proudly on display outside our classroom. Take a look at our display below!


As part of our shared planning, we held a discussion and a vote about our diary writing. The children were given an option to write a diary as a passenger on the RMS Titanic or to research famous explorers of the Artic and Antarctic and write a diary based on an expedition. The majority vote was the to write a diary as a passenger on the RMS Titanic, so we began planning this by further exploring the features of a diary by skimming, scanning and annotating diary extracts.


Following this, we looked at varied sentence structures for emphasis and effect and worked in groups to create sentences. On Friday, the children improved and extended sentences individually by adding adjectives, adverbs, verbs, feeling words, varied sentence starters and a simile and/or metaphor. The children worked so hard and I was wowed by their writing. They are now ready to begin diary writing next Monday.


In mathematics and numeracy, we continued some work on long multiplication, revisiting some misconceptions identified through the new child-led marking. The children also looked at different strategies and methods to use when adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimal numbers; identifying when it was best to use mental or written methods. Meanwhile, Miss Powell's group joined her online on Friday to revise long division.


In our afternoon topic sessions, the children identified the seven continents on a map and explored the climatic differences. They then looked specifically at the Polar Regions of the Artic and Antarctic.


On Friday, Llandrindod Library delivered us some books on the RMS Titanic and Mrs. Fairclough, brought in Lara's Titanic suitcase for us to explore. Lara completed the 3rd class suitcase as a lockdown project, the children cannot wait to look inside next week. Watch this space! A big thank you to both.

A cross-section of the RMS Titanic...

Identifying features from diary extracts...

The children created sentences (in groups) for emphasis and effect. We then edited as a class.

Improving sentences independently.

Identifying the seven continents on a map and exploring the climatic differences, specifically looking at the Polar Regions of the Artic and Antarctic.

Our delivery from Llandrindod Library and Mrs Fairclough.

Summer Term 1 - Week 4 - Frozen Kingdom



It was a short week this week with the bank holiday and the inset day. During literacy and topic, Dosbarth Derwen continued their work on the RMS Titanic.


Using last week’s research, the children wrote draft newspaper reports. We then assessed using our shared marking and the pupil developed success criteria. The children then wrote their final copies on coffee stained paper (to make it look old) and added photos and captions. The children did an amazing job, take a look at the examples below.


In expressive arts, we also started creating our model of the cross-section of the RMS Titanic. The children had to research, plan and design a room onboard the infamous ship. We have learned so much from our research about the different classes and the rooms onboard and we began making a display with our models.


During our Mathematics and Numeracy we revised long multiplication and solved problems using this method.


Our newspaper reports...

Creating our model of the cross-section of the RMS Titanic...

Summer Term 1 - Week 3 - Frozen Kingdom


Dosbarth Derwen have been learning all about the the ‘unsinkable’ RMS Titanic in topic this week. Some of the children used the new Chromebooks to independently research the events leading to the disaster, whilst others created a timeline of events ensuring they were in chronological order. The children are going to use this research in their literacy lessons to create their own newspaper reports.


On Wednesday, they used pages from local newspapers to begin to confidently recognise and understand the characteristics of newspaper reports, in terms of language, theme, structure and presentation. Today, they have started planning their reports by creating newspaper names and headlines. I can't wait to see their reports!


In R.E. the children started a project about Dharma Day. They researched the Buddhist flag and enjoyed presenting their findings to the class as either an information text or piece of artwork. We will be learning more about the meaning of each colour on the flag during this project about Dharma Day, which celebrates Buddha’s teaching.


Two of our pupils also took part in a new curriculum workshop organised by Ysgol Calon Cymru. Along with children from other primary schools in the cluster, the children were able to share their vision for the new curriculum.

Independent research and creating timelines on the events of the 'unsinkable' RMS Titanic...

Exploring the features of a newspaper report...

Dharma Day Project...

Taking part in a KS2 new curriculum workshop...

Summer Term 1 - Week 2 - Frozen Kingdom


This week in Dosbarth Derwen we researched Polar Animals. The children chose which animal to research and we had a wide and varied selection including: Beluga Whales, Artic Foxes, Artic Wolves, Turtles, Walruses and Polar Bears.


This led to a discussion on how animas keep warm in such low temperatures and the children planned and prepared a science investigation. Using their research they chose five materials as thermal insulators. They then planned an investigation taking into account the dependent and independent variables and making it a fair test. On Thursday afternoon, each group tested which was the best by taking the temperatures in five minute intervals using data loggers. Linking their topic work into their maths and numeracy, they are in the process of recording the results in tables and graphs.


In literacy, we recalled and explored the features of non-chronological reports. The children used their research to plan two page non-chronological reports, with some fantastic results! I was very impressed with their enthusiasm and creativity. 

Independent research in pairs:

Dosbarth Derwen preparing their science investigation by wrapping cups in the different materials they chose as thermal insulators:

The investigation...

Our non-chronological reports on our Polar Animals...

Dosbarth Derwen (Year 6)  Summer Term 1 - Week 1 - Frozen Kingdom


What a year Dosbarth Derwen! However, you have made it through a pandemic (and blended learning) and reached your last term in Year 6. You are lucky enough to have two teachers supporting you this term and together we want to ensure you have a fantastic end to your time in primary school.


Our topic for the first half of the summer term is 'Frozen Kingdoms' which will focus on the characteristics and features of the polar regions, including the North and South Poles and include lots of detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them.


Linking to the new curriculum, we are planning our activities using all of your ideas. To start this process we completed our shared planning today. 


Miss Powell and Mrs Samuel


Our 'Shared Planning Wall'...

India - Blended Learning

The topic this week is India - the children have submitted some fantastic pieces of work, ranging from Rangoli patterns to persuasive brochures. 

The topic this week is Rainforests and the children have produced some fantastic work :)

Unfortunately we were not able to start the year as planned but we are so proud of how well you have all adapted to blended learning. You are engaged in all of the live lessons and submitted some fantastic work.

We will update the website regularly with some wonderful pieces of work!

Fantastic Videos Created by Year 6

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Stargazers 2020

Dosbarth Derwen

Hello and welcome to Year 6! I am Miss Powell and I will be your teacher this year. The teaching assistant will be Mrs PJ.

We are so glad to have you all back with us after a strange end to your last year in school. It will be lovely to catch up and hear all about your summer holidays!


Our topic for the first autumn half term is 'Stargazers' which will focus on space. Linking to the new curriculum, we will plan our activities with all of your ideas so get thinking of what you'd like to do! We are really looking forward to it!