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Llandrindod Wells C.P. School

Working Together to Achieve Our Best

Criw Cymreig

Croeso i'n tudarlen Criw Cymraeg!

Welcome to our Criw Cymraeg page!



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We are a crew of enthusiastic Welsh learners who are working hard to encourage everyone to speak Welsh in all aspects of our school life.

There are 8 members of the Criw Cymraeg with members from Year 2  up to Year 6. We try to meet regularly with Mrs Cadwallader-Jones to discuss ways of encouraging everyone to speak Welsh.

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At the moment we are working hard to achieve our Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award for bilingualism.
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We have ten sets of targets to meet across all aspects of our school life. We try to track our targets on our Cymraeg Campus display at the front of the school hall and we check it every Wednesday during our Welsh Assembly. The targets include using Welsh in assemblies, playing Welsh playground games, reading Welsh, using Welsh apps, using Welsh when meeting pupils around the school and using Welsh incidentally during every school day.

Bobl Bach!!!!!!

We would like to encourage everyone to have a go at speaking Welsh at home too!

Here are some useful phrases for you to practice and use:

Bore Da (pronounced Bore-ray-dah) Good Morning

Prynhawn da (Prin-hown dah) Good afternoon

Nos Da (Norse dah) Good night

Diolch (Dee olch) Thanks

Da iawn (Dah ee awn) Very good

Sut wyt  ti? (Sit oyt tee) How are you?

   Then answer by combining Da iawn + diolch  - Very Good Thanks

Mwynhauwch !

Enjoy !